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Finally home: Garfield Heights family brings child home after nearly 2 years in hospital

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Posted at 9:48 PM, Jun 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-17 23:20:43-04

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio — A local family desperate for home healthcare for their infant daughter found the help they needed and is finally able to bring her home from her extended stay in the hospital.

People say having two kids under 2 years old is a handful, but for Rachel and Jason Moore, they have full hearts.

The Garfield Heights couple has two daughters: 21-month-old Naomi and 4-month-old Lacey.

We first met the Moore family in June.

They called News 5 for help. Naomi was born with a rare genetic condition.

“Naomi was born with an omphalocele,” Rachel Moore said. “Her abdominal organs are on the outside of her body. She was also born with an ASD [atrial septal defect] which is a hole in her heart.”

A hospital room is the only home Naomi has ever known. In December though, the couple received news they had been waiting for; Naomi was healthy enough to come home. But due to her omphalocele, she uses a tracheostomy tube and is on a ventilator. So, in order for her to come home, she needed 24/7 supervision—a day and night nurse.

However, they couldn’t find any eligible nurses who could fill the position, which is why they reached out to News 5.

“She’s ready to walk out the door but we can’t bring her home because we don’t have enough help. It was unreal. We couldn’t find one nurse in almost six months when she was eligible to come home,” Rachel said.

But when the first story aired, News 5 viewers responded. Emails and calls flooded the newsroom from people who wanted to help.

“Not only was it inspiring that people wanted to help, but to do it that quickly,” Jason said. “These are people who are living their own lives and some of them already have their own jobs, but the fact that they were that touched by it and that they were willing to help and understanding that meant coming into our home, some of them know that it may even mean a pay cut, but still being willing to do that. That was very special to receive that kind of response.”

Now, Naomi is home. The Moores have hired a day nurse and a night nurse, and are hiring two more.

She’s been able to spend time with her little sister and meet family that have only ever interacted with her through screens, including her grandma—Jason’s mom.

“At 83-years-old, she crawled on the ground and got in her face and they’re both smiling at each other,” Rachel said.

They know they have a long road ahead of them when it comes to Naomi’s health.

“We are taking it one day at a time,” Jason said.

But they’re grateful to take each day at a time, together.

“I think she’s realizing that this is where she belongs,” Jason said. "All of our babies in one place," Rachel added.

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