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Meet the crossing guard spreading smiles at the intersection of East 305th Street and Mildred Avenue in Willowick

Posted at 8:02 AM, Oct 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-29 06:25:30-04

WIILLOWICK, Ohio — Sometimes all it takes is a smile to brighten one’s day, and that’s exactly what Bishop Jerry Matthews, known as Bishop Matthews, of Grace and Mercy Church in Cleveland's Collinwood neighborhood, is doing while getting pedestrians from Point A to Point B.

The intersection of East 305th Street and Mildred Avenue is his sanctuary and the people of Willowick are his congregation.

Every day, he’s there greeting drivers who pass him, with a wave and a smile.

He also helps children cross the street on their way to school.

He said getting the opportunity to help people start off the day on the right foot and greet them with a smile is a blessing to him.

“I enjoy what I do. People are exciting to me. And sometimes you meet some interesting people. Even the babies that sit in the back seat they wave at me and I wave back at them just to let them know ‘I see you, have a good day!’”

Since the school district went to remote learning, Matthews said he hasn’t been at the intersection, but now that students are returning to the classroom, Matthews is back at his post.