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Painesville police looking for missing mother, 3 teen kids

Posted at 4:09 PM, May 09, 2019

PAINESVILLE, Ohio — The Painesville Police Department is trying to find a missing woman and her three children.

Anyone who knows where 35-year-old Alexis S. Mason and her three teenage children are is asked to contact Painesville police at 440-392-5840.

Police provided the following descriptions of the missing family:

Alexis S. Mason AGE: 35, Hgt: 5’08” Wgt: 250

Alex J. Flowers AGE: 17, Hgt: 5’08” Wgt. 208

Alexavier N. Flowers AGE: 15, Hgt: 6’01” Wgt: 136

Alexiana S. Flowers AGE: 14, Hgt: 5’5” Wgt: 127

Children and Family Services, who filed the missing persons report, have legal custody of the three missing children. The children were living in Mason's residence, but CFS retained custody of the children.

CFS had been conducting monthly visits, but when staff tried to schedule an April visit they couldn't reach Mason. She could not be reached by phone, she had been evicted from her residence, she had quit her job and had pulled the children out of school. That's when CFS called police and filed a missing persons report for Mason and the three children that CFS have legal custody of, according to police.

Mason called the Painesville Police Department on Friday, saying she and her children were in Cleveland and that the children are fine, but refused to give her location, according to police.

Police informed Mason to contact Children and Family Services. Mason and the three reported children are still technically missing until CFS tell police otherwise.