Foster families in need of Christmas presents in Summit County

Inside Summit County's Social Services building, there is a holiday toy room for foster parents to pick up Christmas presents for their foster kids.

Summit County Children Services currently has about 670 children in custody who need foster homes.

The Director of Social Services Amy Davidson told News 5 that the numbers have remained high, largely due to the opioid epidemic, since 2015.

“We saw an increase of children in custody by about 100 children, which is right in line with the opioid epidemic, when we really saw the impact of it, here in summit county,” said Davidson.

The toy room is free, but foster parents have to follow a point system. For example, items with orange labels are three points. Black is the most expensive at 12 points. Children can spend up to 25 points, which is equivalent to about $50.

Davidson said these toys can really make a difference for foster parents, many of whom are actually relatives.

“These are relatives, who didn't expect to possibly have three nieces or nephews come live with them,” said Davidson. “They're working, they're taking care of their own children. They're just making ends meet.”

Volunteers at the toy room told News 5 they want to give back, because they know the foster families need their help. They are urging other people in the community to make a contribution as well by donating brand new toys.

Summit County Children Services only accepts new toys or gift cards. You can contact the department for information on how to donate.

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