Trump sues Clinton, DNC and others, alleging conspiracy to link 2016 campaign to Russia

President Donald Trump
Posted at 12:49 PM, Mar 25, 2022

Former President Donald Trump filed a federal lawsuit Thursday against Hillary Clinton and people allegedly involved with opposition research in 2016.

In the suit, Trump accuses them of conspiring to disparage the then-Republican presidential candidate and cripple his campaign.

The suit seeks at least $24 million in damages.

The lawsuit alleges Clinton and the Democratic National Committee fabricated a link between the Trump campaign and Russia. It says their research triggered what it calls an "unfounded federal investigation" and a "media frenzy."

CNN reports that the lawsuit also includes several factual inaccuracies that Trump has made many times.

A federal criminal investigation into the Trump campaign's ties with Russia led to several convictions of Trump campaign associates who lied about their political efforts.

The probe established Russia's interest in helping Trump in the 2016 election and found the Trump campaign sought to capitalize on Russia's interference in the election.

Clinton has not commented on the lawsuit. John Podesta, one of the parties named in the suit and the chairman of the Clinton campaign in 2016, responded to the suit in a tweet on Thursday.

"Do you think Trump filed this case with the hope of calling Vladimir Putin as a character witness? Trump deposition ought to be a hoot," Podesta wrote.