A 12-year-old is currently running Donald Trump's campaign in Jefferson County, Colorado

Posted at 4:43 PM, Aug 22, 2016

Is a 12-year-old really running Republican Donald Trump's presidential campaign in Jefferson County, Colorado?

Broadcast reports describe Weston Imer as running the field operation in the state's fourth most populous county. The boy's mother, Laurel Imer, is technically in charge but says she's ceded responsibility to her son until school starts.

Trump's Colorado co-chair, Robert Blaha, says while the campaign likes to have Weston speak at rallies and knock on doors, he's not the campaign office boss.

Says Blaha in an interview: "There's not the possibility a 12-year-old can run an office."

Colorado is traditionally a swing state, but polls show Democrat Hillary Clinton opening a lead over Trump. Clinton and her allies have stopped advertising in Colorado and shifted money to more competitive states.