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2020 hurricanes rainier because of climate change, scientists say

Hurricane Iota
Posted at 3:08 PM, Apr 12, 2022

Human-caused climate change made the record-smashing 2020 Atlantic hurricane season even wetter.

A new study on the record busy hurricane year found it was 5% rainier than it would have been had there been no global warming from the burning of fossil fuels.

There were a record 30 named storms in 2020 and 11 of them — also a record — made landfall in the United States. The first study to look for a climate change fingerprint on an entire hurricane season found that the storms that reached hurricane status were 8% wetter.

Six hurricanes that impacted the United States in 2020 caused more than $1 billion in damages, the National Hurricane Center reported.

Scientists compared the reality to a computer-simulated world without climate change.

The projection says as the world warms up, hurricanes could become rainier.

“This work is also consistent with a recent assessment of at least a ‘medium-to-high confidence’ that an increase the projected future impacts of climate change on global tropical cyclone precipitation rates to be 7% per °C,” the research’s authors said.