5 people dead after elephant attacks in India

Posted at 10:57 PM, Mar 21, 2016
Within just days, five people were left dead in India after two separate elephant attacks.
The latest attack, captured on video, happened on Monday in West Bengal’s village of Monteswar. Anil Bagdi, a 64-year-old farmer, was killed when he encountered a group of elephants and was attacked by one.
See the video here (Note: some may find the footage disturbing).
His brother was also reportedly attacked, but managed to escape with his life.
In a separate nearby incident, just the previous day, four people were killed when three elephants attacked them.
Citing senior forest official Ajay Das, The Huffington Post reports that authorities tranquilized a male elephant, which later died, while an adult female and a calf ran away.
These incidents, though tragic, are not uncommon in India.
Last month, panicked residents of the Indian town Siliguri were sent running when a wild elephant went on a rampage, crushing a slew of homes and cars in its path.
It was eventually tranquilized and returned to the forest.
As a result of confrontations, about 400 people and at least 100 elephants die annually in India and Sri Lanka, according to a 2013 report by Harper’s Magazine.