911 call: Woman held in Ohio home tells police 'I've been abducted'

Posted at 4:06 PM, Sep 14, 2016

Police released Wednesday the 911 call they received from a woman who was being held against her will in Ashland, Ohio.

Shortly after getting the call, officers responded to the area where they found the woman alive, along with 40-year-old Shawn Michael Grate.

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The remains of two other people were also found.

Police have not identified the woman who was rescued.

On the call, the woman can be heard breathing heavily and whispering answers to the dispatcher's questions. 

"I've been abducted." 

The woman said she was able to free herself from being tied up and called police on Grate's phone while he was asleep. 

"Please hurry" she told the dispatcher. 

The woman told the dispatcher she had known him for about a month and a half. She said they were walking near her apartment when Grate abducted her. He later broke into an abandoned home. 

The woman said she was in the same room as Grate and had been bleeding.

Dispatcher: "Are you injured?"

Woman: "A little."

Throughout the call the woman said she was afraid of waking Grate up. He had a Taser gun, she said. The woman was able to tell the dispatcher where officers can enter the home. 

Woman: "They can come in the side door area."

Dispatcher: "Is there a padlock on the bedroom door or just a regular lock?"

Woman. "No. I don’t even know if it’s locked. It just has a knob."

Dispatcher: "Can you get up and see if you can get out?"

Woman: "I'm afraid of waking him."


Listen to the 911 call below: