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A baseball fan who caught a home run ball to the chest at the World Series is going to Game 6

Bud Light sending Jeff Adams in custom T-shirt
Posted at 12:31 PM, Oct 29, 2019

There are baseball fans and then there is Jeff Adams.

The Washington Nationals fan rose to internet fame during Sunday's World Series game when he caught a home run ball to the chest while holding a beer in each hand.

Social media was quick to praise the quick-thinking fan at Game 5 of the World Series.

"There is a beer commercial in this guy’s future....that was pretty amazing!!" one user on Twitter said.

Another person on Twitter said, "Now that had to hurt! Baseball is life, but protecting your beer at all cost is priceless!"

Adams was holding two Bud Light beers when he made the catch to his chest, and somehow managed not to spill a single drop.

The beer company was so impressed — even calling him a "hero" on Twitter — they put out a call to find and identify him on social media.

He was tracked down by WUSA and Bud Light announced Monday night that Adams was getting his very own special T-shirt to commemorate his legendary catch while double fisting beers. Oh, and he's going to Game 6 of the World Series.

"I was sitting down, my wife went upstairs to get some food ... all of a sudden the ball got hit, I had two beers in my hand, the ball was coming, I watched it, angled, put my chest down, that was it," Adams told WUSA.

The Washington Nationals play the Houston Astros in Game 6 of the World Series on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST.