Florida mom outraged after 4th grader gets Valentine card with Trump, border wall joke

Card: 'I want you on my side of the wall'
Posted at 11:26 PM, Feb 15, 2017

A Naples, Florida mom is demanding an apology after her half-Mexican daughter was given a Valentine's Day card inspired by President Trump's proposed border wall.

The homemade card featured a picture of President Trump pointing, next to a message that reads "I want you on my side of the wall."

"Once I saw this I thought it was disgusting, insensitive, racist, inappropriate and unnecessary," said Mandy Trevino.

The card was given to Trevino's daughter during a Valentine's Day card exchange in her fourth grade class. Trevino said the politically inspired card was the only one her daughter received after school.

"She immediately knew it wasn't okay," Trevino said.

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Trevino, who is of Mexican descent, said the wall reference on the card made her daughter feel uncomfortable in class. "This is taken very serious. We have children that are scared to lose their parents. They're being separated from their parents; it's not okay," Trevino said.

A day after the card exchange, Trevino said the principal of her daughter's school called to apologize on behalf of the school.

"Who's the child in this situation? If the mother didn't have common sense or enough of it to think this was okay to provide to the students?" Trevino said.

She's now hoping the parent who created the card will make something else for her daughter. "She took the time to make this type of card, I would think she could take the time to write an apology letter," Trevino said.