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A look at the 13 rattlesnake species that live in Arizona

Posted at 8:27 PM, Apr 08, 2022

Ever seen a rattlesnake? The sightingsaren't as rare as you might think!

Arizona is home to more than a dozen different rattlesnake species, including some with some serious venom.

Experts at the Phoenix Herpetological Society say this time of year is especially active as temperatures start heating up. PHS says there are some things to do if you're bitten, including:

— Call 911 and stay calm.

— Keep the bitten area still. You can immobilize the area with an improvised splint made from a board, magazines, or other stiff material tied to the limb (but don't tie it too tight because you don't want to reduce blood flow). Remove any jewelry or constricting items near the affected area in case of swelling.


— Drive yourself to the hospital
— Use ice to cool the bite
— Cut open the wound and try to suck out the venom
— Use a tourniquet. This will cut off blood flow and the limb may be lost
— You also do not need to bring the snake or a photo of the snake with you to the hospital; all rattlesnake bites are treated with the same anti-venom so identification of the snake is not necessary.

This story was originally published by Kari Steele of KNXV in Las Vegas, Nevada.