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Animal shelter in Virginia receives 400+ requests for puppy snuggle sessions

Puppy snuggle sessions lets folks escape 'worries of the world'
Posted at 8:18 AM, Apr 04, 2022

RICHMOND, Va. — An animal shelter received more than 400 requests for snuggle sessions with seven Pyrenees puppies after offering the chance for folks to "forget about the worries of the world."

"After 2 years of Covid, social upheaval and now a war, we think we could all use a little puppy cuddle time," Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) Director Christie Chipps-Peters posted on Facebook on Friday.

"So that’s just what we are offering! All day Sunday you can sign up for 30 minutes in a room at RACC to kiss these love buckets until your heart and soul is happy."

Officials said the pups, which all now have pending adoptions, were "tasked with a very special job" to "hug you and make you happy."

"These sweet Angel cake puppies are magic, puffy fluffy goodness stuffed with rainbows and sunshine," the Facebook post reads. "If you hug them even for a few minutes, you will forget about the worries of the world."

Officials said priority was given to first responders and health care professionals as well as "anyone who has recently lost a loved one/suffering from a broken heart/depression/anxiety."

Less than six hours after launching the post, officials said they had received more than 400 applications.

In a Facebook Live video Sunday morning, Peters said more than 50 "wonderful people in need that need to heal their hearts" were booked for the private hug room sessions.

However, officials promised to do the same with other litters of puppies in the future.