PD introduces cat patrol on April Fools' Day

Posted at 3:27 PM, Apr 01, 2017

DENVER – If you’re not falling for a prank this Saturday, you’re not doing April Fools’ Day right.

Early Saturday, Fort Collins (Colorado) Police Services announced the addition of their first patrol cat, Officer Buttersworth – the first claw enforcement officer in the nation – who has already made his first arrest!

Check out their promotional video below (and stay for the blooper reel):


But the police department wasn’t the only one out trying to fool the public.

The Boulder (Colorado) County Sheriff’s Office tweeted back at them, congratulating them for their feline unit. Their announcement on Saturday? They had promoted the baby owl caught giving a deputy the eagle eye on a dirt road back in July of 2015 to sergeant this weekend:

Then, in an effort to “forever link Colorado’s most iconic architecture with Colorado’s great outdoors,” Denver International Airport announced it had partnered with the Colorado Yurt Company to give the company the naming rights to the airport’s iconic tented rooftop. Just imagine if the tents at DIA were green-colored! 

And how would you like to report rude behavior to Denver's Regional Transportation District with their new “Report a Jimmy” app? We admit – we were falling for this prank until we got to the third sentence of a phony news release officials sent out late Saturday night. 

If you try downloading the app, a new tab opens and directs you to a Jimmy with huge, white bold letters that really spell it out for you – it’s all a joke.

“Although there is no real Report a Jimmy App, we do encourage you to be respectful on buses and trains and visit our real riders code of conduct,” reads a message from RTD officials. 

But not everyone was in on the joke.

“Government agencies shouldn’t be lying to their users for entertainment. April fools is a poor use of your time and effort,” replied a Twitter user to the RTD announcement.

“You’re encouraging riders to take pics of other passengers? That doesn’t sound very safe…” said another. 

Word of advice: If you’re really gullible, you may want to triple check everything you read today – lest you be fooled on April Fools’ Day.