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Baseball team searches for pickle porch pirate after its mascot disappeared

Surveillance video shows a man stealing the Portland Pickles' mascot.
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Posted at 10:33 AM, Feb 10, 2022

PORTLAND, Ore. — A baseball team mascot in a bit of a pickle.

Dillon T. Pickle is the mascot for the Portland Pickles in Oregon.

He was recently lost on a Delta flight from the Dominican Republic.

The airline eventually delivered him home to the right place but didn’t tell the team until hours later.

That’s when things took a turn for the worse.

By that time, someone had already swiped Dillon off the porch

The thief is seen in this Ring doorbell video.

Portland Police are investigating, but in the meantime, the team is left worried.

"Who knows… who knows where he's gonna turn up”, said Colleen Schroht, Operations Director for the Portland Pickles.

The team hopes the thief will be surprised by what’s in the bag and bring back Dillon.

“I mean there's a giant pickle staring back at you when you open it up, right? And my thing is I couldn’t keep that a secret,” said Ross Campbell, General Manager for the Portland Pickles.

The team is already getting tips about Dillon on social media.

“We don't have any solid evidence yet. We're researching every angle that we’re getting,” said Schroht.

The Pickles are offering a reward for Dillon’s safe reward, no questions asked.