'BBC Dad' clip parodied with 'BBC Mom' version

Posted at 10:37 AM, Mar 17, 2017

How would a mother handle having her children interrupt a live broadcast? 

New Zealand Satirical show Jono and Ben ventured a guess with a parody of the "BBC Dad" interview where professor Robert Kelly's two young children barged into the room as Kelly discussed the removal of South Korea president Park Guen-hye from office. 

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In the video, a woman is seen not only caring for her children while on the live broadcast but also cooking a turkey, defusing a bomb and helping her husband find a sock among other distractions — all while undeterred from offering intelligent, cohesive analysis. 

Jono and Ben are not the only ones with a parody of the "BBC Dad" clip. A parody of the clip involving Darth Vader getting interrupted by droids

Watch the BBC mom parody video for yourself.