Broncos' Brandon Marshall loses another endorsement, but won't 'lose any sleep'

Linebacker knelt during the national anthem
Posted at 6:54 PM, Sep 12, 2016

DENVER -- Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall may have come out of the Super Bowl 50 rematch a champion again, but sponsors are bailing on his image due to his actions ahead of the game. 

Marshall helped push the Broncos into a national conversation on racial injustice by kneeling in protest of the national anthem on Thursday ahead of the team's contest with the Carolina Panthers. 

The move has cost him. The Air Academy Federal Credit Union first dropped him, and now it appears CenturyLink, a communications company. 

He had contracts to appear on air for CentruryLink to promote their television service in Denver. CenturyLink released a statement Monday.

“We completely respect Brandon Marshall's personal decision and right to take an action to support something in which he strongly believes. America is anchored in the right of individuals to express their beliefs. While we acknowledge Brandon's right, we also believe that whatever issues we face, we also occasionally must stand together to show our allegiance to our common bond as a nation. In our view, the national anthem is one of those moments. For this reason, while we wish Brandon the best this season, we are politely terminating our agreement with him"

Marshall confirmed the move Monday, saying, "I just lost another endorsement ... it's not going to make me lose any sleep." 

Following his protest of the national anthem, Marshall said he's simply against social injustice, not those in uniform. 

"I'm not against the military, the police or America at all," Marshall said. 

Marshall said Monday he plans to meet with the Denver Police Chief and the police union on Tuesday, saying he has good ideas for both parties. 

Still, Marshall said he's not going to think much about the financial loss.

"I don't regret anything I did or losing endorsements," he said.