British police sketch of robbery suspect mercilessly mocked by Facebook users

Compared to He-Man, Garth from 'Wayne's World'
Posted at 2:00 PM, Jun 30, 2017

Have you seen this man?

Police in Lincolnshire, England are taking heat on Facebook over a silly-looking sketch of a suspect wanted for attempted robbery.

Lincolnshire Police shared the digital sketch — called an E-FIT in some police departments — online Friday after a woman was attacked by a man whom she told officers had "blonde unkempt hair" and a skinny build.

The woman refused to give up her valuables but sustained a minor injury to her cheek in the robbery attempt.

The resulting sketch of the suspect was mocked mercilessly online by the police department's Facebook followers.

Some commenters said the sketch looked like a dog, with one person suggesting officers "go into the park, whistle and shout 'Here boy,' and he will come."

Others said he looked like famous characters from movies and TV, including He-Man, Shaggy from "Scooby-Doo" and Garth from "Wayne's World."

People blasted the technology used by the police department to create the sketch as archaic. According to The Sun, as a result of the sketch, someone set up a crowdfunding page to help update the Lincolnshire Police's E-FIT software.

See the Facebook post below, which has been commented on more than 550 times since it was posted Friday morning.

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