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Colorado family's dogs poisoned after neighbor attempts to kill squirrels with rat poison

Posted at 12:54 AM, Dec 01, 2017

BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- A Broomfield, Colorado couple says someone trying to poison squirrels poisoned both of their dogs, and they want to warn neighbors to watch out.

Michael Hendricks and Joan Yates knew something was wrong when their Corgi-mix puppy Molly vomited one day. They say green pellets were a telltale sign.  

At The Animal Doctor, veterinarian Liz Filbert confirmed both of the dogs had ingested rat poison.

"They make it nice and tasty, so the mice and rats will eat it, and unfortunately, those sames tastes are exactly what our dogs want to eat," said Filbert. "It's surprising how even just a small amount can really cause severe damage."

Filbert said because they caught it early, the dogs will have to orally take Vitamin K, but they were not seriously hurt.

For months, neighbors in their community have been worried that someone is trying to kill squirrels and the squirrels are carrying poison into yards.

"So, not only could pets be poisoned, but if you've got a 2- or 3-year-old child running around the in backyard, see a nice little bright something that looks like a piece of candy, you're potentially poisoning kids, too," said Yates.