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Buttigieg leads after all precincts accounted for in Iowa

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Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg led all of his Democratic rivals after the Iowa Democratic Party released figures from all 1,765 precincts from last Monday's Iowa Caucus late on Thursday.

Buttigieg's state delegate equivalent was 564 compared to 562 for Sen. Bernie Sanders. This is the figure used to divvy delegates to the Democratic National Convention this summer.

But National Democratic Party Chair Tom Perez announced that the party will conduct a full recanvass of votes after the tallying process was held up by a glitch in a reporting application and backup phone system. Because of this recanvass, Scripps is not declaring a winner from the Iowa Caucus at this time.

In the popular vote in Iowa, it appears Bernie Sanders won this figure, having more than 6,000 votes on the first ballot over Buttigieg. Buttigieg trailed in the popular vote by less than 3,000 vote after reallocation.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren will likely finish third, Vice President Joe Biden fourth, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar fifth in both the popular vote and state delegate equivalent totals.

WATCH BELOW: Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price provides update on caucus results: