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Californians to receive 'inflation relief' checks up to $1,050

Posted at 4:05 PM, Jun 28, 2022

Millions of Californians are set to get some relief from inflation soon after the government announced they would receive up to $1,050 as part of a relief package.

In a statement, Gov. Gavin Newson said the checks are part of a $17 billion relief package that would see the state's sales tax on diesel fuel be suspended and provide additional aid to help people pay rent and utility bills.

The governor added that 23 million Californians would benefit from the inflation relief checks.

According to the Associated Press, those receiving the checks don't have to own a car. Couples making less than $500,000 per year and single people making less than $250,000 yearly will get it.

“In the face of growing economic uncertainty, this budget invests in California’s values while further filling the state’s budget reserves and building in triggers for future state spending to ensure budget stability for years to come.”

CBS reported that couples earning less than $125,000 yearly and have two children would qualify for $350 per adult plus $350 for dependents.