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Chicago tops list of cities with longest traffic delays

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Posted at 11:40 AM, Jan 13, 2023

People are spending more time stuck in traffic, according to the 2022 Global Traffic Scorecard.

The report looks at travel delays, collision trends and commuting patterns.

Chicago was the worst U.S. city for traffic in 2002— with travelers spending 155 hours stuck in their vehicles, according to the study.

In Boston, the second-worst city for traffic, according to the study, travelers had a delay time of 134 hours for the year.

New York rounded out the top three cities with the highest delay times. The study says it had a delay time of 117 hours.

In addition to traffic delays, the study looked at the increase in people traveling to city centers since the height of the pandemic. Most major metro areas, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami and New York, saw increased volume and travel times between 2021 and 2022.

With more volume on the roads, there were also more crashes. The report notes that the U.S. saw a 4% increase in crashes in 2022 when compared to 2021.