Comedian Sarah Silverman says Sanders die-hards are 'being ridiculous'

Posted at 7:05 AM, Jul 26, 2016

Comedian Sarah Silverman didn't mince words in her message to die-hard Bernie Sanders supporters at the Democratic convention: "Can I just say to the Bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous."

Silverman was one of a number of prominent entertainers who backed Sanders in the Democratic primary against Hillary Clinton. But she told the crowd in Philadelphia — and a national television audience — that she plans to vote for Clinton.

Sanders supporters broke into chants of "Bernie, Bernie," but Silverman quickly shot back.

As the crowd roared in applause, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken — standing next to Silverman — joked, "Listen to what you did."

Franken noted that because he was a Clinton backer and Silverman was with Sanders, they were forming a bridge.

"We're like a bridge over troubled water," he said, and they went on to introduce singer Paul Simon.

An earlier solo appearance by Franken went a little more smoothly.

The former "Saturday Night Live" comedian — who's now a Minnesota senator — joked that he's a "world-renowned expert on right-wing megalomaniacs: Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and now, Donald Trump."

Franken added: "Now a little about my qualifications. I got my doctorate in megalomaniac studies from Trump University."

Trump — the Republican presidential nominee — faces lawsuits accusing him of defrauding customers at the now-defunct Trump University, which sold real estate seminars.

Franken asked the crowd of delegates if they knew that "Trump University's School of Ripping People Off is ranked second in the nation, right behind Bernie Madoff University."