Democrat V.P. candidate Tim Kaine says Clinton Foundation will stop taking foreign contributions

Posted at 11:42 AM, Sep 06, 2016

In August, the Clinton Foundation announced they would stop accepting foreign or corporate donations if Hillary Clinton is elected president. This was in response to questions raised about access of foundation donors to Clinton while she was Secretary of State.

Asked whether this was akin to yelling "last call" and should the foundation come out and stop collecting foreign contributions immediately, her running mate Sen. Tim Kaine said they would in an interview with NewsChannel 5.

"I think it's now, foreign donations as of now and then as president, President Clinton will step aside from his connection with the foundation," Kaine said.

"So she's taking one step forward right now, the foundation is taking one step forward right now, by saying there's no corporations, no foreign-connected contributions, we're not taking them right now and then if we are successful and are elected, President Clinton will sever the tie with the foundation that he created."

Kaine went on to praise the foundation's philanthropic work.

"This would be an unprecedented situation of Secretary Clinton becoming president and a former president becoming first spouse and so at every step of the way they're taking new steps to make sure the work of the foundation, the good work can go on but without raising questions about, that people would be concerned about."