Karma comes swiftly for would-be Trump sign thief

Posted at 10:38 PM, Sep 02, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS — The presidential election is sparking strong emotions this year – with some people going to great lengths to demonstrate their opinion on the candidates.

An Indianapolis resident says he's finding out actions speak louder than words. He says he's been targeted by people with opposing views twice in a matter of weeks.

Phillip, who asked his last name not be used, says people have tried to steal his pro-Donald Trump signs twice in the past month.

The first attempt happened within a week of the sign hitting the grass.

"I looked out my front door and the sign was lying about four feet over, and it was crumpled up pretty good," he said.

But both attempts to snatch the sign have been unsuccessful – since Phillip, expecting this to happen, tied the sign in place with fishing wire and string spray-painted green.

After the first attempt, he set up a camera.

The camera caught the second would-be thief in the act as she attempted to run off with the sign, only to faceplant once she ran out of string.

Phillip says you don't have to agree with his sign – just leave it alone.

"Whether it's a Bernie or Hillary or a Trump sign, you might disagree with whatever the politics are, but it's not yours," Phillip said. "Leave it alone."