Eighth child killed by recalled Ikea dressers

Posted at 6:08 PM, Oct 19, 2017

An eighth child has been killed by unsecured Ikea dressers toppling over as the products were part of a June 2016 recall, ABC News reported on Thursday. 

The most recent death occurred in May involving a 2-year-old California boy. Jozef Dudek died from the falling dresser during his nap tiime when no one else was in the room, the family attorney told ABC News. 

Some Ikea dressers and chests are reportedly unstable, and pose a risk of tipping over. Because of this, the company issued a recall on 29 million of its products last year. 

Reports indicate that only a small percentage of customers have remedied the risk, although an Ikea spokesperson said its hard to tell how many of the 29 million products are still in use. 

The first death involving an Ikea dresser dates back to 1989. 

Dudek's family attorney Daniel J. Mann said that the company is still not doing enough to warn customers on the potential risk involved in its dressers and chests. 

“The true tragedy is there might be more of these in the future," Mann told ABC. “Sometimes a parent catches it or it falls onto a wall or a bed It’s just by the grace of God.”

Although Ikea's recall began more than a year ago, the company says it will work with consumers to rectify any safety issues. 

“We took our responsibility to communicate this recall very seriously and went to great lengths to get the word out,” the company’s statement said in a statement to ABC News. Ikea added that it has “worked hard to make participation in the recall as easy as possible for consumers. Consumers can return the item to any store for a refund, no receipt required. If a consumer is unable to bring the product back to the store, Ikea will arrange to pick it up at their home.”

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