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FBI director details to Senate committee threat lone actors pose in wake of Texas shooting

Posted at 5:49 PM, May 25, 2022

FBI Director Christopher Wray told a Senate committee on Wednesday about the threat of lone actors in the wake of the tragic school shooting in Texas.

According to Bloomberg and The Hill, Wray told the Senate Appropriations Committee that this is something the agency has been concerned about.

Wray said that the shooting in Texas and the recent grocery store shooting in Buffalo reinforce what the agency has "Been so concerned about for so long, and that is the threat of lone actors,” the director said according to the news outlets.

In a September 2021 news release, Wray pointed out that lone actors choose soft targets and often use easily accessible weapons.

Wray added that the attackers don’t leave a lot of “dots” for investigators to connect and they don't typically have a lot of time to connect them.

Wray added they pose the greatest threat the U.S. faces.

On Wednesday, Wray added that if the public sees something, say they should say something.