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FCC receives more than 100 complaints about Super Bowl halftime show

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Posted at 3:17 PM, Feb 24, 2023

The Federal Communications Commission received more than 100 complaints from viewers of the Super Bowl Halftime Show featuring Rihanna.

The 13-minute high-flying performance featured 12 of Rihanna's songs and dozens of backup dancers.

Complaints ranged from Rihanna's dance moves and gestures to her outfit.

"The main performer and the background dancers exhibited overtly sexual movements which are not appropriate for over the air television," a viewer wrote.

"From all angles it was made to look like bare naked breasts of the red color. Yes that color isn't her natural skin tone, but the sexuality of the design cannot be denied," another viewer stated.

The 100 complaints are just a small fraction of the 113 million Super Bowl viewers.

The FCC says it does not resolve all individual complaints, but it can help the agency "keep a pulse on what consumers are experiencing" and could lead to investigations of the companies it regulates.

You can read the entire list of complaints here.