What the solar eclipse looked like from 30,000 feet

Southwest flight crosses path of totality
Posted at 5:46 PM, Aug 21, 2017

While many people decided to camp out to get a great view of today’s total solar eclipse, others decided to set their sights higher.  Sky-high in fact!

Passengers on Southwest Airlines Flight 301 from Denver, Colorado to Nashville, Tennessee, today, flew across the path of totality, for a completely different view of the big event.

Passenger Kyle Oravecz knew full-well what he signed up for.  He made a special trip from Cleveland, Ohio to Denver, Colorado, just to be able to take this unique flight.

He said, “My dad knows how much I like to travel, so he figured he might as well help me out with it, make a weekend trip out of it to Denver.”

For passenger Nick Rossetti, the eclipse flight was a pleasant surprise.  He was heading to Nashville for work.

“We just happened to be going to Nashville for business, but it’s awesome to be on the total eclipse flight!” said Rossetti.

The flight attendants wore special buttons that read, “Total Eclipse with a Heart,” and they passed out specially-named cocktails like Red Sky Bloody Mary, Stargazer, and Sun Flare, along with star crunch cookies.

It all combined to make the special moment when the plane flew past the eclipse, all the more unique.

Flight 301 was one of just five flights in the line of the eclipse.