Gun incidents, deaths and mass shootings on the rise from 2014 to 2016

Posted at 12:37 PM, Oct 02, 2017

Gun incidents, gun deaths and mass shootings have steadily increased from 2014 to 2016, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive.

Numbers for 2017 are incomplete but it appears that so far the numbers are slightly down from 2016. 2016 saw nearly 60,000 incidents, or one every nine minutes.

Last year 15,079 people died as a result of gun violence. That is 41 people each day, and this figure does not include suicides.

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With 383, 2016 saw more than one mass shooting per day. Mass shootings are defined as gun incidents where at least 4 people are injured or killed excluding the shooter.

So far in 2017, there have been 46,595 shooting incidents, with three months to go in the year. The shootings have led to 11,652 deaths, only a few hundred shy of all deaths counted in 2014. 

There have been 273 mass shootings so far in 2017, there were 274 in 2014. 

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