Maine woman hangs free coats around town

Posted: 6:37 PM, Dec 01, 2015
Updated: 2015-12-01 18:37:53-05

It was an impromptu coat drive intended “make five people less freezing.”

Using just $5, Gabriella Kaper did just that. She purchased five heavy winter coats from Goodwill, taking advantage of the retailer’s dollar-apiece clothing sale, and scattered them around Portland, Maine, by zipping them around light posts.
A note attached to the warm layers – which she offered up Monday -- read, “I’m not lost! Please take me if you need me!”
According to the Portland Press Herald , Kaper explained in an interview, “Someone had done it in a different state, and it was just really inspiring.”
“I wanted to try it myself,” she added.
Most of the coats were gone by Tuesday afternoon, Kaper said, noting that she hopes they landed in the hands of someone who truly needed them.