HOA threatens to take World War II veteran's home over parked truck

Posted at 11:28 PM, Jun 07, 2017

Charles Pirtle has lived in a lot of places, but Sumner County, Tennessee has always been home. It's why the World War II veteran and his wife of more than 60 years decided to buy a home in a 55 and up community more than a decade ago.

"Figuring to make this our last home," Charles said. 

After his wife passed in 2013, Charles' son Ralph and daughter-in-law moved in to help out around the house. It was a perfect living arrangement, but a little more than a year ago trouble began to brew. It all surrounded Ralph's pickup truck or rather, where it's parked.

There are nearly 200 parking spaces spread out across the complex; however, residents have not been allowed to park there. They must park their vehicles inside their garage. 

The extensive HOA list of rules made it clear residents cannot park in the empty spaces, and while Ralph was given a waiver to do so in 2014, the rules have since been changed. He's once again in violation, to the point the HOA has threatened with a decree to occupy his father's home if the vehicle isn't moved.

"It made me sick. I'm serious, it almost made me physically sick," Ralph said. 

At their wits end, they're turning to their neighbors for support. Maybe then they believe the HOA board may show some compassion.

"I want them to give us an exception. They've granted exceptions to other people. Let him [Charles] live out whatever years he's got left in peace and not have this be the final note in his life," Ralph said. 

The managing agent for the HOA told Nashville-based WTVF the waiver Ralph received was not valid and a rule change would require a special meeting with every single homeowner. When asked if he believed the rule was reasonable he answered, "Yes, because that's what's written." 

"Leave us alone, let us live our lives, and let us be," Ralph pleaded.