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Is Vine coming back? Video app founder tweets cryptic message

Posted at 2:10 PM, Dec 06, 2017

Is Vine about to be resurrected?

The six-second video app was officially killed off by its parent company, Twitter, earlier this year. But if tweets by Dom Hofmann, the app's founder, are any indication, a follow-up to the platform is in the works.

On Wednesday, Hofmann tweeted a cryptic image simply bearing the characters "V2" in the signature shade of Vine green.



Hofmann's image comes about a week after a string of tweets in which he discussed working on a follow-up to VIne.







Hofmann has not yet commented on the V2 project, so it's not clear how the platform will compare to Vine.

According to The Verge, Hofmann is currently working on another project called Interspace, but is funding V2 independently.

Vine was launched in 2013 as a short video platform that worked in conjunction with Twitter. Though the platform produced hundreds of viral videos and launched the careers of some young actors and comedians, Twitter struggled to monetize the product.

Currently, the app exists only as Vine Camera — a feature that allows users to take looping six-second videos. Videos previously hosted on the platform can only be viewed online at

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