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Israel kills 42 in Gaza as Netanyahu warns war will go on

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Posted at 11:36 AM, May 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-16 11:36:22-04

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City have flattened three buildings and killed at least 42 people, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signaled the fourth war between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza would rage on despite international efforts to broker a cease-fire.

In a televised address, Netanyahu said Sunday evening the attacks were continuing at "full-force" and will "take time."

He said Israel "wants to levy a heavy price" from Gaza's militant Hamas rulers.

The violence marked the worst fighting here since the devastating 2014 war in Gaza.

The airstrikes Sunday hit a downtown street of residential buildings and storefronts over the course of five minutes just after midnight.