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JPMorgan sues former exec over ties to Epstein sex abuse

Jes Staley
Posted at 8:43 PM, Mar 08, 2023

NEW YORK (AP) — JPMorgan Chase sued its former executive Jes Staley on Wednesday, alleging that he aided in hiding Jeffrey Epstein's yearslong sex abuse and trafficking in order to keep the financier as a client.

The New York bank seeks to hold Staley personally liable for any financial penalties that JPMorgan may have to pay in two related cases. It is also seeking to force Staley to pay back any wages he earned during the time he allegedly was aware of the abuse.

"In light of Staley's intentional and outrageous conduct in failing to disclose pertinent information and abandoning (JPMorgan's) interests in favor of his own and Epstein's personal interests, (the bank) is entitled to punitive damages," the bank said in its lawsuit.

A lawyer for Staley had no comment on the JPMorgan's lawsuit.

JPMorgan's lawsuit was filed after the bank was sued by the government of the U.S. Virgin Islands as well as by a woman identified as Jane Doe, who was allegedly abused by Epstein. Those lawsuits claim JPMorgan should have seen evidence of Epstein's sex trafficking and knowingly benefited from it. The bank denies the allegations.

Staley left JPMorgan in 2013. Last year he resigned as CEO of London-based Barclays following a report by UK regulators into his past links with Epstein.


AP Business Writer Barbara Ortutay contributed to this report from San Francisco.