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LinkedIn career expert talks hot jobs, how to land one

Companies hiring right now during pandemic
Posted at 2:53 PM, Aug 04, 2020

Getting hired for a job in today's market can be frustrating and challenging. Career experts say if you think about your soft skills and what you value you offer a company, you’ll have a leg up.

As we all continue to work from home, LinkedIn career expert Blair Heitmann says jobs in the remote sector are hot.

Remote jobs are in demand, Heitmann said. “I mean we are seeing an uptick of remote jobs across LinkedIn. You don’t necessarily have to be in the same city to find those opportunities as well."

Because of the pandemic, many jobs aren’t available. Heitmann said applicants should try and focus on what jobs are available in a similar sector.

“Try to think through how to transfer to a role that would be a stepping stone for you to get there,” Heitmann said. “It might not be your dream job out of the gate, but it would help you gain the skills you need to get towards that eventually.”

Employers right now are also focused on soft skills.

Teamwork, communication, problem-solving, those are all examples of soft skills, Heitmann said. If you are good at solving problems, customer service might be an area that could be good for you.

For many people, going back to school or learning a trade is not an option. LinkedIn says sales associate, delivery driver, construction worker, and project manager are all jobs in sectors hiring, to name a few.

The hiring website offers 12,000 courses online for job seekers to take. The bottom line, update your resume and cover letter. Have a beautiful headshot for your profile picture and enable job alerts on whatever hiring website you choose.

"Our data shows us that people who tend to apply early and jump on the opportunity once it’s completely posted are more likely to get the position," Heitmann said.

WFTS' Michael Paluska first reported this story.