Live updates: Ariz., Utah & Idaho vote

Posted at 7:32 PM, Mar 22, 2016

Idaho, Utah and Arizona held presidential primaries and caucuses Tuesday night, with Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump both moving closer to sealing their respective party's nomination. 

But they weren't the only winners.

Democrats in all three states went into voting, while Utah and Arizona were voting on the GOP side. All three states on the Democratic side and Utah for the Republicans were proportional contests.

Arizona, which was the first to call early results, held a winner-take-all contest for the remaining three Republicans; Trump was projected to win there, taking all 58 delegates from the state.

Early projections showed Ted Cruz winning more than 50 percent of the vote in Utah's caucuses, winning all the state's 40 delegates.

On the Democratic side, Clinton swept up a win in Arizona. Opponent Bernie Sanders managed to take home projected victories in Utah and Idaho.

A total of 133 delegates were up for grabs Tuesday for Clinton and Sanders, while 98 were up for grabs on the GOP side. Check below for updates from the Scripps National Desk:



Arizona: Clinton

Utah: Sanders

Idaho: Sanders


Arizona: Trump

Utah: Cruz

Current delegate count:
DEMOCRATS (2,383 needed for nomination):
Clinton: 1,214
Sanders: 899
*Note: The above numbers don't include superdelegates
REPUBLICANS (1,237 needed for nomination):
Trump: 738
Cruz: 465
Kasich: 143
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