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Michigan trooper struck 11 different times, drivers urged to obey law

Posted at 12:20 PM, Nov 14, 2017

Michigan State Police say they have a trooper who has been hit by cars 11 separate times while on the job.

That trooper, who works out of the Oak Park station, has been with the department for 25 years and is still patrolling today knowing every traffic stop is putting his life on the line.

"He's been hit in his patrol car and also struck standing on the side of the road,” said MSP Lt. Mike Shaw.

Shaw admits that it might be a record, but said he doesn't know any officer who hasn't been hit by a another car while on the job.

“I’ve been hit, the troopers standing behind me have all been hit. It’s not ‘if’ it’s a ‘when’.”

He said traffic crashes are the number one cause of death for law enforcement patrol officers.

Today first responders from across south east Michigan met to highlight the state's Move Over Law.

"It's a very simple law to go by," he said. "If you can move over, move over. If you can't then slow down and get by, keep your eyes on the road, don’t stare and gawk and see.”

It's a campaign that includes all first responders, police, fire fighters, ambulances and any tow truck drivers assisting someone on the side of the road.

Just last week a Michigan State Trooper's car was hit, as it was parked on the side of I-96 near Fullerton. The trooper was out of the car investigating another crash.

Police officers and fire fighters pulled over to help a crash only to be hit themselves.

Many become injured, some even die.

Michigan State Police say five troopers have died from 1941 to 2000 after being hit by a driver that did not move over.

"We just want to remind people that there are actually families involved. There’s actually people that we go home to at night that want to see us come home."

If you don't obey the Move Over Michigan Law you can be ticketed.

It's a misdemeanor fine.