MMA fighter, boxer dies 2 days after bout

Posted at 7:44 PM, Jun 18, 2017

Tim Hague died on Sunday at the age of 34, two days after getting knocked out in a boxing match against Adam Braidwood in Edmonton, the CBC reports. 

Hague previously fought as mixed martial artist with the UFC, compiling a 21-13 record. In the last year, Hague turned his focus toward boxing. 

During his first bout of 2017 on Friday, Braidwood knocked out Hague, causing Hague to be transported to the hospital. Video from the fight showed Hague going in with a right, when Braidwood delivered a right jab and then a left jab to the head, causing Hague to go down to the canvas. Hague was in critical condition following the fight. 

Pat Reid of the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission told the CBC that it would do an extensive review on Friday's fight. 

Hague's sister made the announcement of his death. 

"It is with incredible sadness, sorrow and heartbreak to report that Tim has passed away today," Hague's sister, Jackie Neil said in a statement to the CBC Sunday.

"He was surrounded by family, listening to his favorite songs. We will miss him so greatly."