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NASA, nudes and aliens? NASA hopes images will help capture attention of extraterrestrial beings

Posted at 6:24 PM, May 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-11 09:36:58-04

UPDATE: NASA does not plan to send nudes into space, according to Snopes. The literature published was conceptual, not an action plan.


NASA, nudes and aliens? It's a story causing a lot of buzz around the planet and possibly beyond.

NASA is planning on sending nudes into space with hopes of capturing the attention of extraterrestrial creatures.

The pictures won't be graphic photographs of naked humans but instead a drawing of a naked man and a woman next to a depiction of DNA.

The man and women will be waving in the images in an attempt to look more inviting.

That won't be the only information transmitted into space, possibly using radio telescopes in China and northern California.

"The proposed message includes basic mathematical and physical concepts to establish a universal means of communication followed by information on the biochemical composition of life on Earth, the Solar System's time-stamped position in the Milky Way relative to known globular clusters, as well as digitized depictions of the Solar System, and Earth's surface. The message concludes with digitized images of the human form, along with an invitation for any receiving intelligences to respond," states a summary of "A Beacon in the Galaxy: Updated Arecibo Message for Potential FAST and SETI Projects," a scholarly article featured in the March 2022 edition of "Galaxies."

Scientists hope the illustration and transmitted information could help finally make contact with extraterrestrials.