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Not just fast food; baby comes quickly at Atlanta McDonald's

Posted at 12:44 PM, Nov 25, 2022

ATLANTA — Yes, they’ve nicknamed the baby “Nugget,” after a woman delivered a girl at an Atlanta McDonald’s.

Alandria Worthy gave birth to her daughter on Wednesday after her fiancé pulled over so she could use the bathroom on the way to the hospital.

Three employees and fiancé Deandre Phillips helped Worthy deliver.

The girl's name is Nandi Ariyah Moremi Phillips, but restaurant manager Tunisia Woodward says she immediately nicknamed the child “McDonald's Little Nugget.”

The parents credit Woodward and the two other employees, all mothers, with coaching them through the birth.

The franchise owner gave each of the three employees $250 gift cards.

Woodward says she’ll spend all the money on the baby.