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Nurse pleads people to get vaccinated as hospital admissions go up

Nurse's TikTok video received more than 10 million views
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Posted at 11:20 AM, Jan 27, 2022

SEATTLE — “Get vaccinated. Get your booster shots right now,” Hinkley said.

A travel nurse in Seattle is pleading people to get vaccinated.

Alexis Hinkley posted a video on TikTok to share her personal experience of working in a hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"No beds for your stroke, no beds for your heart attack, no beds for your car crash, no beds for your sick child,” Hinkley said in her video.

The post received more than 10 million views.

Hinkley went on to tell people that health care workers are under a lot of stress.

"Please, please start listening to healthcare workers when they scream for you to (expletive/beep) help us."

Hospital admissions due to COVID-19 have increased in the Seattle area since December.

Hinkley hopes vaccinations will bring down that trend.