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International Red Cross group holds first-ever visit with Ukraine war prisoners held by Russian forces

Visits to Russian prisoners of war also took place by the group.
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Posted at 3:58 PM, Dec 08, 2022

The International Committee of the Red Cross announced for the first time it has representatives who visited Ukrainian prisoners of war that Russian forces are holding.

Visits to Russian prisoners of war also took place by the group.

The Red Cross checked the prisoners' condition, gave them books, personal hygiene products, blankets and warm clothes. They also made it possible for their relatives to be contacted.

As the war rages on, a Russian ship-borne air defense system was able to knock down a drone in the area of Sevastopol, a key southern port city in Ukraine on the Black Sea.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet's base is found there. The regional governor for the area confirmed the news. Several attacks were launched on Sevastopol since the start if the war. The city is on the Crimean Peninsula.

In another area, Russian officials said Ukrainian forces shelled the Belgorod province, which borders Ukraine.

According to Gov. Vyacheslav Gladkov, the shelling damaged power lines in Yakovlevo, located 31 miles from the Ukrainian border. Though Gladkov did not report casualties or injuries, a local news channel on Telegram reported a fire at a military base, with several Russian military personnel killed or wounded.

Ukrainian officials maintained their policy of not commenting on cross-border attacks.