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Slack reports 'performance issues' Monday morning

It's not just you
Posted at 12:25 PM, Oct 05, 2020

UPDATE: At approximately 3:40 p.m. CT, Slack said everything should be working as expected.


ORIGINAL: You are not alone, Slack is having "performance issues" Monday morning.

As the coronavirus pandemic forced thousands of companies to embrace a remote work situation, many embraced messaging programs to keep teams connected, including Slack.

Monday morning, Slack reported just after 11 a.m. ET they were aware of issues.

“Some users may be experiencing slowness with Slack in the desktop, browser, and mobile at this time. The issue is impacting sending messages and troubles with API calls,” their troubleshooting website stated.

Two hours later and updates from the Slack team indicate they are still looking into the issues. They said users were reporting a range of performance concerns.

“Some users may be unable to connect to Slack, while others are still experiencing general performance issues,” they said.

Slack reported an outage last Tuesday, around 9 a.m. ET and it was resolved about an hour later. No word if the outages are related.