Trump's energy secretary hints that college student body election was rigged

Posted at 5:10 PM, Mar 23, 2017

Former Texas Governor and current Energy Secretary Rick Perry called for an investigation into the election of an openly gay student body president at Perry's alma mater, Texas A&M. 

According to the Washington Post, Bobby Brooks, a junior at Texas A&M, was elected earlier this month as student body president. He defeated Robert McIntosh, a student who raised funds and campaign for President Donald Trump's campaign. 

According to the Battalion, the college's student newspaper, McIntosh was disqualified from the race for voter intimidation. McIntosh and campaign employees reportedly asked voters to pull out their phones and vote on the spot and then watching as the student voted, the Battalion said. 

McIntosh had 750 more votes than Brooks before the vote was thrown out. 

After McIntosh appealed the decision, a university court did not agree on counts of voter intimidation, but did find that McIntosh violated a campaign finance rule. 

In a column in the Houston Chronicle, Perry said that McIntosh lost the election "through a process that — at best — made a mockery of due process and transparency.

“At worst, the SGA allowed an election to be stolen outright.”

The Chronicle added that McIntosh retained an attorney to fight the result of the election.