US Postal Service worker appears to run over dog in surveillance video

Incident happened in Florida
Posted at 7:12 PM, Feb 16, 2017

Did a United States Postal Service worker run over a woman's dog in Florida? The organization is investigating the incident which was caught on surveillance video.

"He died here in front of my house, in front of my eyes," said Marilyn Caceres, the late dog's owner.

Caceres claims the USPS worker was speeding when they ran over Surfy, her long-hair Chihuahua. "He was my partner. He followed me everywhere," Caceres said.

A blood stain remains as an emotional reminder for Caceres of the gruesome way she lost a precious member of her family. "Surfy is a very friendly dog. Very happy," Caceres said. "I miss my doggie."

Caceres said a postal worker, driving quickly down her road, ran over Surfy on Wednesday afternoon, killing him.

"He went to go potty and I said, 'Surfy come to momma.' He's coming to me. He crosses the street. The post office worker came so fast," Caceres said.

The driver didn't stop immediately. "She didn't pay attention. She keeps going and I see my dog, here in front of me, die," said Caceres.

Neighbors said the USPS should be held responsible.

"I think the post office owes her an explanation, an apology," said Patricia Serra.

WFTX-TV reached out to the USPS to see what they're doing about the incident. A spokesperson says they're investigating.

Caceres urged something needs to be done about the speeding on her street to prevent another tragedy. "Now it's my doggie. Next, I don't want to see the kids or any child killed."