Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock, had access to service elevator

Posted at 11:29 PM, Oct 11, 2017

In the days leading up to last week’s deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas, ABC News has learned alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock rode the service elevators in the Mandalay Bay Hotel several times in the days leading up to the shooting, even occasionally riding with hotel staff. It’s unclear to authorities why Paddock insisted on riding the service elevators.
Authorities continue to comb through evidence including Paddock’s personal electronics, cell phones and computers, but still, there’s no clear motive in his calculated attack.
“When we buy a ticket to an event, we need to know that our safety is considered and protected,” said Heather Selken.
Selken is the mother of a 21-year-old college student and shooting victim, Paige Gasper. Her family is the first to file a lawsuit against multiple parties including MGM resorts and Paddock’s Estate.
It’s been revealed the hotel knew Paddock was held up with a gun, at least six minutes before his rampage began, immediately after he shot a hotel security guard.
The number one question now, could the hotel have done more to stop him?
“Why didn’t someone get to him in that eight to nine-minute window before he actually started shooting after the guard was hit?” said ABC News security expert, Brad Garrett.
Amidst the heartache, Las Vegas hospitals are showing they’re Vegas Strong. At least one has waived the medical costs for all the victims they treated. St. Rose Dominican says they won't require any payment from any of the victims.
Other hospitals have said they’re looking at collecting donations and working with victims to be sensitive to their financial situations.