Veteran who stole truck to help Vegas victims gifted truck from Arizona dealer

Man given truck after stealing vehicle to help
Posted at 12:38 PM, Oct 09, 2017

An Iraq war veteran who stole a truck to help transport Las Vegas shooting victims after the attack received a special gift from an Arizona truck dealer on Monday morning. 

After finding a truck with the keys still inside near the Route 91 Harvest Festival venue, 29-year-old Taylor Winston made multiple trips to the hospital after shots rang out, according to CNN

"People were getting hit two or three feet away from us and as we were running looking back, people were falling down," he told Las Vegas-based KTNV. "It was just shooting fish in a barrel."

Winston reportedly transported 20 to 30 victims from the scene. KTNV says the owner of the truck did get the vehicle back by contacting him and his friends online. 

Shane Beus from B5 Motors in Gilbert, Arizona said he heard about Winston's actions on social media a few days after the attack. 

"I saw most people would run and not go back into a scene," Beus said. He said despite knowing nothing else about Winston, he was impressed by his heroic actions and wanted to give back somehow. 

So, B5 Motors offered Winston his very own customized Ford truck, free of all costs and charges. 

A representative from B5 Motors who spoke with Winston said he was very "humbled" by the offer of a new truck. In exchange, Winston will be selling his current vehicle and donating proceeds to the victims of the attack. 

Winston told reporters on Monday that it's hard to accept himself as a "hero" when so many people helped the night of the attack. He says one of those people is his girlfriend, Jennifer, who helped tend to victims at the music festival, all with a broken back from a prior accident. 

Beus said he is hoping Winston's act of kindness and bravery will motivate other people to help others in need. 

Winston said he's hoping others will continue to go out and enjoy big events -- he will continue to do so as well.