RECALL: Mandarin oranges sold at Walgreens

Posted at 12:51 PM, Jan 13, 2016

Walgreens has announced that jars of mandarin oranges sold at its stores could contain shards of glass and should be disposed of immediately.

The Nice! brand mandarin oranges in light syrup have elicited three complaints and caused one injury.

The rest affected jars have been removed from Walgreens’ shelves.

Jars with the following information on the lid or neck should be disposed of immediately:

Nice! Brand Mandarin Orange in Light Syrup 8oz
Item # 80895

H894K09A 01/11/2017  0-49022-80895-9 100-49022-80895-6

4200/01039 01/16/2018 0-49022-80895-9 100-49022-80895-6

4200/01039 02/01/2018 0-49022-80895-9 100-49022-80895-6