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Watch: UK prime minister debates halted after moderator faints on air

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Posted at 4:54 PM, Jul 26, 2022

The latest UK prime minister debate ended in shock about halfway through the televised show as the host and moderator for the debate, journalist Kate McCann, suddenly fainted.

The camera, at the time, was focused on candidate Liz Truss as she was responding during a debate against another conservative leadership candidate, Rishi Sunak. While you don't see McCann faint and fall on camera, you see Truss react in shock as she seems frozen for the unexpected moment.

“Oh my God!” Truss can be seen and heard saying, while viewers can hear McCanncollapse. Viewers reacted on Twitter with shock, not immediately understanding what had happened just off camera.

According to the BBC, TalkTV announced that McCann was "fine" but couldn't continue with the show.

As the Guardian reported, the show was scheduled to last for an hour before it was abruptly halted. The candidates were able to cover issues around tax, the state of the National Health System, and the rising cost of living in the UK, before the televised incident.

The debate for the conservative candidates was being held by The Sun and TalkTV after the recent resignation of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who, among other issues, found himself entangled in a controversy related to breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules by going to a "bring your own booze" party, the BBC reported.